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EDC Sere Puukko Scandi

EDC Sere Puukko Scandi

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Introducing the HoboForge Survival EDC SERE Puukko Scandi– a fusion of functionality, reliability, and rugged elegance crafted by a seasoned survival instructor from the Army Special Operations Survival School. Built to endure harsh conditions, this knife is your ultimate companion in both wilderness and urban settings.

Forged from premium 1095 High Carbon Steel and honed to razor-sharp perfection, the HFS EDC SERE Puukko Scandi delivers precision engineering and battle-tested durability. Its ergonomic handle, refined through real-world field experience, offers a comfortable and secure grip in any situation.

From bushcraft to everyday tasks, this knife excels in versatility and reliability, ensuring it meets your every need. Elevate your gear collection with the HFS EDC SERE Puukko – a testament to proven expertise, forged in the crucible of real-world survival scenarios.

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