About me

HoboForge Survival LLC is deeply rooted in service and sacrifice I and many others gave to this country. But truly not specific to veterans my story should resonate with anyone who ever felt as if they through adversity or necessity or both were forged into a better version of themselves.

Forging Together

The unfinished look of my blades represents the unfinished aspects of our selves and the constant drive to be better each day. It also represents the bumps, bruises, injuries, and surgeries that I and so many endured during our long journey in defense of this great nation. Although my knives are unfinished, reshaped and repurposed from something else you are still left with a very useful piece of kit. Blacksmithing and Teaching Survival is a therapeutic service for me and a way to hopefully add value to every person I come in contact with.

Thank you for the support of what I do and hope to share a campfire with you in the future.

Have a good one!

-Jason HFS

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